Shells and Slides

  1. But You Keep Me Hanging On (01:10) – mp3 (3.2 MB)
  2. I’m Leaving You Tomorrow (03:38) – mp3 (9.1 MB)
  3. You Can Have It (03:05) – mp3 (7.7 MB)
  4. And Suddenly My Heart Goes Boom (03:21) – mp3 (8.4 MB)

Ripped lines, slippery structures. The music is semi-decayed and piled up information that nests in new, algorithmically generated pulsating patterns. It’s hectic, sometimes howling, but mostly funky.

The four tracks are made with TidalCycles, each created by manipulating just one audio sample.

Code / Repository

Digital drawing with abstract sea shells. Black, white and purple.
Cover artwork by fragment scenario

↷ Digital album (bandcamp)