03/2018 (Update: 05/2020)

A Subtractive Method Of Writing

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Words are missing and there are too many of them. Completely expended and filled into databases. Continuously written and immediately read, often simply as a string of countable characters. Works out of the canon of print culture are on a server as half digitalized “full text” or by the side of the road.

books?id=rYwbQwAACAAJ&dq Centuries of content. I dont’t despair over an empty page any longer. Subtractive method of writing: Picking up chunks that were washed up with the noise. Sieving, sanding, crumbling. Sampling and filtering, but never noise reduction!

„Ineinanderzurückgeklebt kann ich den Gegenschnitt zu all den sicheren Weltbehauptungen lesen.“
Marlene Streeruwitz, Und. Überhaupt. Stop, 2000

Gathering, ripping, cutting, glueing, scanning. A program (Optical Character Recognition) reads out the text across all columns. I slightly tidy up the result, set blank spaces, join characters together. The spell check wants to bring in some standards but then there’s something else, it is out of my head.

Screenshot: Text-collage and command line

Text production is carried out using the following techniques and tools: