you believe your account
and you should think
you with all or
an ad on our services

you are accepting these
and to control things
you created your account
and to operate our services

you authorize a third
and nonexclusive license to
you to use and
To bring you our services

You may not use
and our partners and
you represent and warrant
those who use our services

you based on your
and suggestions for people
you are logged into
support and improve our services

You can learn more
and prevent spam for
You may not publish
to help operate our services

you share publicly through
and outline what is
You may not use
offer or operate our services

you have a Privacy
and a public profile
you must provide us
illegal goods or services

you install another application
and other account features
you are an advertiser
access or search the Services

you may be exposed
and Change of Ownership
you do choose to
your use of the Services

You can choose to
and any other appropriate
you with certain communications
or Content on the Services

you is no longer
and that you should
You should read this
access or use the Services

26/04/2020 ∙ Based on Twitter’s Terms of Service (January 1, 2020) and generated with two Python scripts that firstly look for specific words and their context and secondly print randomly picked results according to a defined pattern. A simple exercise in algorithmic text generation.