Waveform List Tumble

Animated image of the screen of a Roland Groovebox MC-505.

Drum Loops, created by scrolling through the Preset Waveform List of the Rhythm Part of a Roland Groovebox MC-505. While doing this, the machine was playing a sequence (time signature 4/4 and 124 bpm) of 8 steps with a trigger on every 1st step.

Scrolling: Turning the ‹VALUE Dial› back and forth at various speeds.

Consequently every Drum Loop contains only sounds that are placed near to each other in the Waveform List of the Roland Groovebox MC-505. A little composition out of the structure of a database.

7 files, .wav, 1935 ms, Stereo, 44100 Hz, 32-bit ↷ ZIP