Building a device for electromagnetic listening

Whether called an artificial environment or second nature, life in the 21st century takes place in an electromagnetic technosphere that continues to grow with the expansion of mobile communication. Is it artificiality or imperceptibility that leads people to classify a 5G cell tower as a life-threatening building or part of a “Wireless Nanotube Coronavirus Delivery System”?

Elektrosluch is an open-source device that uses two inductors (basically two antennas) to pick-up activities in electromagnetic fields and gives a stereophonic experience of them. It was created by Jonáš Gruska. A tutorial how to build one yourself is available at Make:.

The device

The components are a perfboard with at least 15×24 holes, six resistors (2× 1kΩ, 100kΩ, 390kΩ), six capacitors (4× 2.2µF 10V, 2× 100µF 10V), two inductors (22mH), one 8-pin IC socket + Op-amp IC chip (OPA2134), one stereo jack connector, 9V battery connector lead + battery and some wire.

The device needs a virtual ground and a case made of wood or plastic, it shouldn’t be placed inside a metallic case that would be a Faraday cage.

Photo of an electronic device without case; components on a circuit board: battery, resistors, capacitors (red), cables in different colors, switch. Placed on a cardboard. Photo of a circuit board with soldered joints and some open eyelets.
Two photos of the Elektrosluch showing both sides of the circuit board

Many Thanks to Jan (aka monad node), who initiated the soldering sessions and Electrical Walks (inspired by Christina Kubisch).

CC BY 4.0 – 02/2021